Debunking Hoaxes and Urban Legends

Debunking Hoaxes and Urban Legends

This case study exemplifies how leveraging innovative technology like SwearIt’s blockchain-based platform can play a pivotal role in protecting and enhancing a brand’s integrity against potentially damaging hoaxes and misinformation.
Genuine Coconut is dedicated to promoting animal welfare and ensuring that unethical practices, such as the use of monkeys for harvesting coconuts—a common media allegation particularly regarding operations in Thailand—are not part of their supply chain. These allegations are often sensationalized despite being isolated incidents, and not reflective of standard practices, as they are explicitly prohibited by local governments.

The Challenge

The challenge lies in overcoming the spread of misleading information or hoaxes that generalize rare unethical practices as widespread. This misinformation can damage the reputation of companies that are committed to ethical practices.


The most effective weapon against misinformation is the truth, substantiated by undeniable proof. SwearIt provides a platform for companies like Genuine Coconut to establish the veracity of their ethical claims. By integrating blockchain technology, SwearIt facilitates the recording and verification of each claim’s authenticity and immutability. This process ensures that every claim made by Genuine Coconut is not only true but also backed by evidence that is accessible and verifiable.

The Outcome

Using SwearIt, Genuine Coconut has successfully communicated the truth about their practices. Every claim about their ethical sourcing and animal welfare commitments is verified and recorded on the blockchain. This transparency not only combats misinformation but also strengthens consumer trust by providing tangible proof of the company’s claims. SwearIt has enabled Genuine Coconut to differentiate itself in a market fraught with skepticism, by making its commitment to truth and transparency clear and undeniable.