Transparency and Trust with García Mateo & Sinova

Transparency and Trust with García Mateo & Sinova

This case study exemplifies how SwearIt’s blockchain technology can revolutionize the way companies communicate the value and authenticity of their products to environmentally and socially conscious consumers, fostering a deeper connection and trust between the brand and its customers.
García Mateo & Sinova has traditionally differentiated its products on supermarket shelves by utilizing striking marketing techniques, such as appealing labels and logos. However, today’s consumers seek more than visual appeal; they demand transparency about the product’s origins, its transportation, cultivation methods, and overall lifecycle.

The Challenge

García Mateo & Sinova prides itself on offering select, nutritionally rich products sourced sustainably from South American local farmers. These products are certified by Global GAP and are transported in a manner that ensures pristine preservation. The challenge lies in effectively communicating the sustainable and ethical practices behind these products to consumers who are increasingly conscious about environmental and social responsibility.

The Solution

To bridge the gap between consumer expectations and brand transparency, García Mateo & Sinova turned to SwearIt. SwearIt’s platform utilizes blockchain technology to serve as a virtual notary that verifies and records each claim about a product’s lifecycle. This allows consumers to access a credible, transparent history of the products by scanning a QR code on the packaging.

The Outcome

SwearIt enabled García Mateo & Sinova to transparently communicate the sustainable journey of their products from farm to supermarket. By providing a QR code on product packaging, consumers can instantly view detailed, third-party verified information about the product’s origin, treatment, and transportation. This solution not only meets the consumer’s demand for proof and transparency but also strengthens the brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. SwearIt’s scalable, cloud-based platform ensures that García Mateo & Sinova can continue to enhance their transparency efforts without incurring hidden costs, thus maintaining integrity and customer satisfaction in a competitive market.