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Elevate your brand’s credibility with SwearIt, a platform designed to verify the authenticity of your claims utilizing the power of blockchain technology. Strengthen customer trust, navigate regulatory landscapes, combat counterfeits, and more.

SwearIt's blockchain and QR code technology

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About Swearit

Promote Transparency and Honest Communication

At SwearIt, we empower businesses to be transparent and share the truth. Our platform is designed to certify and verify information about your business, products, and services. Utilizing  the latest blockchain technology, we give you a direct and honest connection with your audience.

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The Power of Blockchain Technology

Discover the robust features of SwearIt that bring unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and security to every facet of your business operations.

QR Code Authenticity Verification

Utilize secure, easily scannable QR codes for instant verification of product authenticity and origin.

Regulatory Compliance Tracker

Stay ahead with automated updates and compliance tracking with EU regulations, ensuring your product meets all legal requirements.

Real-Time Supply Chain Monitoring

Monitor your product’s journey in real-time from production to delivery, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Smart Contract Integration

Automate and secure transactions and certifications with customizable smart contract capabilities.

Sustainability Reporting

Provide detailed reports on your product's environmental impact, aligning with consumer values and EU sustainability goals.

Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

Protect your brand with advanced anti-counterfeit features that ensure the integrity of your products in the market.


Experience Solutions Tailored for Transparency

Electronic Labels for Wine Compliance

Embrace the new era of wine labeling with SwearIt’s electronic labels, designed to meet the latest EU regulations. Our blockchain-based platform enables vintners to seamlessly integrate comprehensive product data into a smart, scannable label.


Hundreds of Businesses Trust SwearIt

See how SwearIt has fortified trust and transparency for brands and our satisfied clients.

SwearIt Testimonial from La Finesse Truffles

Carlos Aspas

CEO, La Finesse Truffles

At La Finesse Truffles, we innovate and develop the best truffle purchasing experience as well as the best natural ingredients from it. We deliver to our customers a useful commitment to origin, product and service. This is where we value the origin, because all the proposals on the market were outdated, did not offer security and digitalization was non-existent.

SwearIt Testimonial from FoodMoon360

Mar Ripoll

CEO, FoodMoon360

We create new Premium teas, under the FoodMoon360 brand, with a clear sustainability objective. Including our product on the SwearIt platform has brought transparency and reliability to our customers. In addition, the ease of creating content, intuitive and fast, is appreciated, obtaining a very useful platform in the product sales process, which allows us to present the production process in a clear, dynamic and new way.

SwearIt Testimonial #3

Sergio Sinova


We have always satisfied all the requests and requirements that our clients have made of us, but we did not want to forget the final consumer who is the final link in the chain and has every right to know the true story behind our products.

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