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Use SwearIt to create wine label QR codes that comply with the new E.U. regulations. Start now for free and only pay when EU wine labeling regulations take effect. 

SwearIt's EU Compliant Wine Digital Labels
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Compliance & Convenience

E.U. Compliant Wine Labeling Solutions

From December 8, 2023, all wines produced or sold in the EU must include nutritional and ingredient information on their labels. SwearIt provides the tools you need to meet these requirements with ease.


Everything You Need for E.U. Compliant Wine Labeling & More

Tell your wine story digitally

Tell Your Wine’s Unique Story

Invite your customers on an evocative journey from vineyard to glass. With SwearIt, your labels become gateways to the soul of your estate, revealing the rich narrative of each vintage—its origin, the craftsmanship, and the earth from which it sprang. Enhance the tasting experience with stories that linger long after the last sip, fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

Update Labels with Ease

In the ever-evolving world of wine, information such as awards, regulatory changes, and vintage variations must be communicated swiftly. SwearIt empowers you with the agility to update digital labels in real-time, ensuring every bottle leaving your cellar holds the most current and compliant information. It’s not just a label; it’s a living document of your dedication to excellence.

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Demonstrate Proven Quality

Today’s discerning wine enthusiasts demand more than exquisite flavors; they seek authenticity and ethical production. SwearIt’s immutable traceability solidifies this trust by providing a verifiable ledger of your wine’s lifecycle. From sustainable viticulture practices to the meticulous care in bottling, offer your clientele a transparent view into the authenticity that defines your brand.


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E.U Wine Labeling Solutions

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Risk free and you only pay when EU wine labeling regulations take effect!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the things you may want to know.

What are the new EU wine labeling requirements?

The EU has introduced detailed wine labeling requirements to enhance traceability and consumer information. These include mandatory details about the bottler, origin, allergens, nutritional information, and more.

SwearIt’s blockchain platform streamlines the creation of digital wine labels that are fully compliant with EU regulations, offering real-time updates on regulatory changes, customizable templates, and comprehensive traceability features.

Yes, SwearIt offers a range of customizable wine label solutions that not only comply with EU standards but also reflect your brand’s identity and appeal to your target audience.

Absolutely. SwearIt supports multi-language labeling and ensures that your wine labels meet the specific requirements of each EU country, catering to a diverse European market.

Our platform supports label translation in all 24 official EU languages, making it easy for you to comply with regulatory requirements across the European Union.