About SwearIt

We are building transparency in the European market by leveraging blockchain technology to authenticate business claims, fostering trust and integrity.

Our Story

Phrases such as “We are locally sourced” or “We use 100% natural ingredients and are carbon-neutral” are meaningless if they are not substantiated. Businesses need a way to prove their claims to consumers in a way that’s transparent and straightforward. This is what SwearIt does.

The idea originated when three friends (our founders – Pedro Frias, Miguel Díaz Escorihuela, and Antonio Villaespesa Díaz) took a Cabify ride. The receipt claimed that to offset the CO2 footprint, Cabify was dedicating a percentage of the fare to plant a tree. While the three appreciated the initiative, they were skeptical about its authenticity. This skepticism sparked the idea of developing a solution that would allow organizations to make their claims verifiable.

At SwearIt, we believe companies need to earn their customers’ trust. To do this, we’ve developed a solution using QR codes and blockchain technology. Our platform caters primarily to the food and wine sectors, where authenticity and compliance with European Union regulations, such as the EU Wine Labeling Regulation (2021/2117), are crucial.

Today, we are committed to fostering a future where consumers can make purchases with confidence about the sustainability and ethical standards of the products they choose. We enable businesses not only to showcase the true quality of their products but also to enhance their market value by building consumer trust through transparency. Join us in paving the path towards a more honest and sustainable market where every claim is not just made, but made evident.

Meet the Team

Meet the innovators behind SwearIt: a dedicated team uniting cutting-edge blockchain technology with the pursuit of veracity in consumer information.