FoodMoon 360 uses Swear IT to prove its claims

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FoodMoon 360, the company that markets the Kazumi brand of teas, has included a QR code on the side of its packaging that contains proof and evidence that all the claims and messages it wants to convey to its consumers are true.

The consumer who consults the QR code, with his smartphone, when the product is on the supermarket shelf, can check that the pyramid containing the tea is made of 100% compostable materials and can also consult all the technical documentation that proves it. In addition, all this documentation is registered in a blockchain, which prevents any attempt to alter it, since it cannot be modified or deleted. It also has the possibility of verification by third parties, such as the producer of the materials, a laboratory or a certifying authority.

FoodMoon 360 is a company that wants to contribute to society by doing things differently, it is not only concerned about providing quality products, but also that these have been produced respecting the objectives of sustainable development.