SwearIt Launches Digital Labeling Solutions for Wineries

In anticipation of the European Union regulation 2021/2117, technology company SwearIt introduces a digital labeling tool that simplifies wineries’ compliance.

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SwearIt is thrilled to announce the launch of its new EU wine label compliance solution, designed to help European vineyards meet the complex requirements of the EU Wine Labeling Regulation (2021/2117). This innovative platform leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology to provide verifiable and immutable traceability for wine production, offering a reliable way to certify sustainability claims and production processes.

The need for such a solution has never been more pressing. The EU’s stringent labeling regulations, designed to ensure transparency and consumer trust, require detailed disclosure of a wine’s origins, grape varieties, and any sustainable or organic production methods used. SwearIt’s new wine labeling services simplifies this process by automating the collection and verification of necessary data, and encoding it into secure, easily accessible digital formats.

Blockchain technology is at the heart of SwearIt’s solution, ensuring that once entered, the data cannot be altered, thus preserving the authenticity and integrity of the information. This feature is crucial for vineyards aiming to establish and maintain consumer trust in a market where skepticism about product claims is high. By offering a clear, verifiable chain of custody from grape to bottle, SwearIt not only aids compliance with EU regulations but also enhances the brand credibility of vineyards.

Additionally, the platform’s use of E-Labels (QR codes) enables consumers to access a wine’s complete provenance and production history with just a smartphone scan. This level of transparency meets the growing consumer demand for detailed product information and ethical production practices, aligning with trends highlighted in recent consumer studies. For instance, a survey by IBM indicated that 71% of consumers would pay a premium for brands that provide full transparency.

SwearIt’s EU wine label compliance solution is particularly beneficial for smaller vineyards facing the dual challenges of complying with rigorous EU regulations and competing in a market dominated by larger producers. The platform’s seamless integration with existing management systems and its ability to handle all levels of digitalization make it a versatile tool adaptable to various operational scales.

SwearIt’s new compliance tool is a game-changer for the European wine industry. It offers a robust response to the evolving needs of consumers and regulators alike, fostering a future where wine production is as transparent as it is venerable. As the industry moves forward, SwearIt continues to lead innovation, ensuring that vineyards can confidently meet both today’s demands and tomorrow’s expectations.

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